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Posted by Admin on Apr 2, 2020 8:15:00 AM

Have you ever made a New Year’s resolution to lose weight? For many of us, the story is the same. We start with the greatest intentions, but then life gets busy and we stop making time to exercise or eat well. Before long, the motivation to lose weight disappears, and it’s back to life as usual.

But what if there were money involved? Would that change the equation for you? This week on the Giftloop blog we’re looking at a couple ways you can actually make money by losing weight!

Bet on Yourself with HealthyWage

One of the most well-known platforms in this category, HealthyWage takes a unique approach. You actually bet on yourself! That’s right, you have some skin in the game. Make your goal weight in the allotted time and you’ll win. Some users have won as much as $10,000! But be careful: if you don’t meet your target, the house wins. (In other words, you lose what you wagered.)

HealthyWage has recently branched out with team competitions and other new features, so check out what’s new!

Reward Healthy Exercise with Achievement

If you’re not too interested in betting or setting rigid goals, you can still make money for getting fit. Achievement pays you in points that are redeemable through PayPal. You can earn points by all forms of exercise, including walking, biking, running, swimming and more. You can also earn a smaller amount of points for activities like sleep tracking, weighing in, meditating and logging meals. Connect to a Fitbit to earn even more.

Achievement integrates with a host of apps, and it does good for humanity, too: with Achievement Studies, your wellness data helps populate fields for scientific research studies.

Giftloop Helps You Earn, Too

Giftloop can’t help you lose weight, but we can help you keep earning through a variety of additional actions. Check back in to your Giftloop app to see what’s new!



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