How To Trick Yourself Into Making More Money

Posted by Admin on Mar 9, 2019 8:55:57 AM


Who wouldn’t like to make more money without thinking about it?

While it may sound too-good-to-be-true, you can actually trick yourself into making more money on a regular basis, without adding to your workload or stress. By putting your time to better use and trying these four tricks, you’ll see higher account balances without feeling like you did much at all.

1. Turn Play Time Into Money
Over 3/4 of game players prefer to use their smartphones or tablets, so chances are you spend some of your minutes playing games on your mobile device. But what if you instead played games where you could actually earn some money? By using Giftloop, you’ll make real cash just by having some fun.

2. Get Smart With Savings
Where is your savings account? If it’s at a major bank, chances are you are earning around 0.01% interest, meaning you see just pennies added each year. But if you look for high-yield savings accounts, you could be earning upwards of 2%, meaning your money will make you money much faster.

3. Regularly Clean Out Your Stuff
Between clothes, furnishings, and household accessories you have tons of objects lying around that you don’t need or use. Give yourself a schedule, whether it’s monthly or quarterly, where you go through your home and get rid of these extras. Then, you can take actions like selling them online or hosting a yard sale to turn that unwanted stuff into real money.

4. Look Into Investing
You don’t need hundreds of dollars to get started investing; these days there are countless apps and online banks that will help you get started for as little as $5. While investments should be considered long-term income sources, you’ll also have the opportunity to receive dividends or other periodic payments. Set up an automatic transfer to add funds to your investments and you'll be making more money without thinking twice.

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