Earn Money Every Time You Shop with Ibotta

Posted by Admin on Dec 12, 2019 4:15:00 AM

Everyone here at Giftloop loves saving money and earning money any way we can. We’re always scouring the web for new earning opportunities. And we love sharing what we find with you, our readers!

This week we’re taking it way back and reviewing one of the OG money-earning apps: Ibotta. If you haven’t heard about this awesome app, it’s time you do.

Ibotta: Earn Cash Back Just About Whenever You Shop


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Ibotta is an app (available for Android and iOS) that lets you earn cash back when you shop. It’s really simple! Here’s how it works.

Before you shop, check out the offers available in the app. Some of them will be for things you’re already planning to buy, like “50 cents off any gallon of milk.” Add the ones that you’ll use, and head to the store (or head online).

Shop like normal, and when you’re done, simply use the app to take photos of your receipt. That’s it! You’ll receive real cash within 24 hours.

And it’s real cash: it’s not credits or points or gift cards. Nope, it’s cold, hard cash that you can transfer out to your bank account.

Coupons, Evolved

So what’s going on here? How is this a thing? Well, it’s essentially coupons, evolved. Twenty years ago, manufacturers would pay money to get their coupons into the newspaper. It was a form of advertising. It built brand recognition, and it pushed consumers to try new products by offering a discount.

Ibotta is the same idea, built for the age of big data. Consumers save money and get to try new things, and companies get better data on what the market wants. It’s a win for everyone!

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