Another Great Way to Make Money at Home: Flipping Furniture

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Flipping furniture can be another great way to make money at home. All you need is a mildly creative streak, an eye for bargains, and a vehicle capable of picking up whatever size pieces you want to work on. Read on to learn more about making money at home by flipping furniture.

Why This Works: Supply and Demand

Flipping furniture works because of the principle of supply and demand. Simply put, there’s a lot of old furniture out there that no one really wants. People who get new furniture try to unload their old stuff, but no one is interested in paying much for stuff that looks dated.

As a result, a ton of furniture ends up being sold at rock bottom prices at thrift shops and yard sales.
That’s where flipping comes in.

All It Needs Is a Little TLC

In many cases the furniture is still valuable. It’s just ugly. Make it look beautiful again, and people will gladly buy it.
For example, the desk I’m using to write this looked like a rickety piece of junk when we found it at a local thrift shop for $8. I wasn’t too sure about it, but my spouse saw the potential. We bought it, loaded it into our van, and headed home.

We sanded down a few rough edges and painted it a gorgeous turquois using some chalk paint. We tightened up a few of the screws, too. Now it looks like something you’d pay $200 for at the store! We didn’t elect to sell this one, but we could’ve gotten a decent chunk of change. Not bad for a $25 spend.

Flipping furniture is a hands-on activity. Make sure your phone is making money while your hands are off it by downloading Giftloop today.

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